Water Coolers

We can offer you a full range of water coolers in several styles and colours that will compliment your office, home or work place. Most water coolers will come with two taps that dispense either cold and chilled water, or hot and chilled water. The choice is yours, you can rent or buy.

See below for the recommended locations for the various types of water coolers and installation requirements.

Bottled Water Coolers

Bottled water coolers are used extensively for offices that require a water supply in a location that does not have a water supply such as a reception area or warehouse situation.

A bottled water cooler will generally have a reservoir holding 1.8 to 2 litres of chilled water, and have a recovery time of five to ten minutes. This type of water cooler will service 10 to 20 personal, and generally have bottled water delivered to the workplace. However if you wish to self fill the bottle we are able to provide you with a water filter.

A 3 pin power source is required.

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In-line Water Coolers

An in-line water cooler is connected to your cold water supply. The water is then filtered to remove impurities such as chemicals, dirt, bad taste and odour. The water cooler is self filling with the use of a float valve, and have a chilled water reservoir of 7 to 12 litres. Twin taps to dispense chilled and cold water, or hot and chilled water.

This type of water cooler is recommended for locations that has a large number of personnel. Factories, warehouses, schools and large offices. In line water cooler will service 30 to 40  personnel and have a recovery time of 10 minutes.

Requires a 3 pin power source, and a cold water supply.

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Water Fountains

A water fountain will generally come with a glass filling spout and  drinking bubbler. The unit is plumbed to your water supply and is generally a full pressure system. The chilling tank may be smaller than some water coolers, but has a faster recovery, and can dispense 22 litre per hour, depending on the unit size A water filter can also be installed to remove contaminates such as chemicals, dirt, bad taste and odour. A high volume unit that requires a 3 pin power source, cold water supply, and a drain to waste.

These units are recommended for hospitals, factory’s and health gym’s.

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Water Chiller

Remote under sink chiller that will dispense 6 litres of chilled water per hour.

The Installation is generally under a kitchen sink, it is best to have a in line water filter installed. The chilled water then dispensed through a small faucet on the sink bench. The unit has a small fan to disburse heat from the cooling unit so heat vents should be fitted to the kitchen carcase.

Installation requirements: A cold water supply and 3 pin power

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