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  • 10inch Activated Aluminium for reduction of Fluoride. 
  • A work horse of the industry offering years of reliable service, the B5c Waterworks bottled water cooler comes with either Hot and chilled, or chilled and cold taps. 1.8 reservoir, and LED status lamps.
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  • A great unit in black ribbed plastic. Features a 7 litre water reservoir for the larger office. Has both chilled and cold taps.
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  • This CW66 water cooler comes in both bottle and Inline type water coolers.
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  • The CW66 comes in either a bottle water cooler or and Inline Water Cooler chilled and cold taps.
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  • This is a very nice counter top water cooler. Made by one of the best manufactures in the world which will give you years of service. Come with either Hot and Chilled Tap or Chilled and Cold taps.
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  • he DSS1 Black and Stainless Steel bottled water cooler. Dispenses both chilled and cold water. The water reservoir holds approximately 1.8 litres. Has LED status lamps. A very economical unit for your office or home.
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  • Counter Top water filter, can have a divertor valve or a rubber push on. Comes with a 5 micron KDF/Gac filter element: With the divertor valve
  • A two media cartridge consisting of KDF (high purity copper- zinc alloy) and GAC ( granulated activated carbon)KDF provides a bacteriostatic effect which is hostile to algae,fungi and bacteria. Reduces heavy metals.Complies to the AS/NZ 4348: 1995 for cyst removal.
  • This element removes Chemicals, heavy metals, dirt, taste and odour. An in- line filter element that is very versatile. Can be used as a counter top or a fridge water filter.
  • The latest model is the Zing which dispenses both HOT and CHILLED water. It also has a small milk or juice fridge. Full digital display. Adjustable water temperatures for Hot up to 99 C and chilled water down to 6 C . The unit can been turned off for long weekends and restated to the previous settings. A great unit at a very economic price of $495.
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  • A 5 micron filter element used for replacing counter top and under bench systems. Chlorine, taste and odour reduction.